Hello! We are Katie and Ginny. Sisters, business owners and mothers to 5 kids, each. We are the youngest two of six children. We come from a long line of dreamers and creators, one of which was our great-grandmother, Hazel, who, after her husband died an early death, set out to make bread to sell. She offered a first-of-its-kind delivery truck to deliver homemade bread to her customers. Many in the Salt Lake Valley know that business today as Dunford Bakers.


We learned the art of homemaking from our mother as she carefully taught us the love of creating beautiful things, and from our Dad, we learned to work hard and just go for it. As children we had our own family cottage industry in which we sold wooden holiday trees and lollipop kits—an idea thought up by our mother.

We’d spend evenings after homework was done helping our parents prepare the products for orders. These holiday trees were loved, and most homes seemed to have one of their own. Even Disneyland made a life-size replica at one point, and we took a memorable family trip to go and see it.

Today, we are the owners of three handmade brands, two of which are still in existence today. We’ve always done something together but our brand “Vintage Rose Wraps” took us by surprise in 2010 when our handmade headbands became wildly successful.

After making several hundred ourselves, and with the help of many gifted sewers, we took them to Market in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, and LA. They were sold in 2600 stores representing all 50 states, and 27 other countries, but were most popular in Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. They were found on reality TV shows, popular sitcoms, holiday specials, TV commercials and our claim to fame is that PINK! was spotted in them twice in US WEEKLY and PEOPLE MAGAZINE.

Later, we acquired Flipped Bird, a company specializing in reversible bags and other items. Today we still enjoy creating beautiful combinations of our 6 style of bags for women of all ages. The most recent company we established is Lucky Love Co. It was truly born out of our hearts and our love for home and family. I would say it matches best where we are right now —in the thick of it- with 5 kids each ranging in age between 7-19.

We create modern lounge dresses and other home comfort items for lucky living. It’s been the most fun and the easiest for us probably because we’re getting older and enjoying the process more. And honestly, It’s easy to love what we do when we create items that people love too.

If we were to offer any advice to someone wanting to start a handmade business it would be this: “Do what you do well. It doesn’t require any alarming amount of creativity or style or perfection. Create something you love–something you’re proud of. Market them as best as you know how. Follow your instinct, be smart, and just go with it!”

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