Simply Sweet Studio Co. is a mother-daughter business built on love and laughter. Their products exude this which is why we needed to learn more about them and their products. Keep reading to learn more about Rachael and her creative daughters, the hands and heart behind Simply Sweet Studio Co.


Rachael, please introduce yourself!

My name is Rachael Smith and I’m a wife, mother of 4 (two girls, two boys), Utah born and raised, mountain lovin’, pizza cravin’, chocolate indulgin’, late-night workin’, morning sun soakin’, nature walkin’, flower smellin’, cozy seekin’, classic movie watchin’ maker.



Where did your creative spark begin and can you trace your path to where you are today?

My grandmothers loved needlework and creating treasures for others was one of their greatest passions and legacies. Color, texture, and pattern filled my childhood and propelled me into the study of Interior Design and my ultimate love, Textile Design, where I worked for over 15 years.

I learned to crochet from my grandmother when I was 10 years old and have loved it ever since.



Tell us about your business and what a typical workday looks like.

Simply Sweet Studio Co is a family business, which started with crochet lessons for my daughters Christina and Leann. The first lesson was a success and naturally led to the creation of our simple, yet sweet business.

A year and a half later we have made hundreds of hats, scarves, shawls, and animals. On a typical workday or night, you will find us all on the sofa, crocheting together, watching the Great British Bake-off or singing to Mindy Gledhill (her latest album “Rabbit Hole” is our absolute favorite).

Our process is simple: hooks in hand, yarn over fingers, and lots and lots of laughter and love.


What do you love most about being a handmade artisan?

Creating heirloom items in glorious colors and soft textures is a dream come true for us. There is no greater satisfaction than watching your handmade item be loved and treasured by young and old alike.

It truly is magical and so fulfilling.



What’s something you’ve learned through running a handmade business?

Running a full-time crochet business is full of triumphs and disappointments, and very tired hands!

Together, as mother and daughters, we have learned to follow our hearts. Don’t let self-doubt or perceived limitations stop you from doing what you love the most. Dream big, plan well, work hard, and most important – learn as you go!



What is the best way for people to connect with you?

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