Modern and unique tie-dyed products are what Little Bit Looney is all about, and let me tell you, Madeline’s work is incredible!  Read more about and have she creates her products.


Madeline, tell us about yourself!

I am Madeline Hugie and I am a wife and mom in an all boy household! My kids are ages 7,4, and almost one. I love getting my hands dirty dyeing fabric, painting or using power tools.

Typically I sneak away to work when my big kids are in school and the baby naps, or burning the midnight oil while the rest of the house sleeps.



Tell us about your products.

Everything we make starts out as plain white fabric, which we dye, cut and sew into all the things we can imagine.

I love that each piece is 100% different than another piece even when they are dyed with the same technique or patterns.



Where do you create?

my workspace is a cubicle-sized room in my house, and I’ve managed to cram in a desk, shelves, chair, and a whole bunch of craft supplies and dyed fabric.

My favorite items in my workspace are my Spanish inspired batiks and my mosaic rocket ship that was a gift from my high school art teacher.



What’s your favorite part of being a handmade artisan?

I absolutely love the community that comes with being a handmade artisan, people that pour their hearts into what they make are my kind of people!



Where did you come up with the name for your business?

Our shop name came from my mother’s maiden name which is Looney (imagine growing up with that last name!) and “Little Bit Looney” just seemed to fit since we all have some crazy in us and our family is actually a little bit looney!


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