Little Rebel Rosie strives to inspire little girls and young women to understand their true capabilities. To do so, we tell them the stories of many of the brave women who came before, and the achievements of some daring and courageous women who are fighting the good fight today. We hope that we can spread awareness, and with it empowerment, by making sure these stories are told in an approachable and engaging way that capture’s the attention of children and adults alike.

I am Kaelee Jensen. Artist, Feminist, mom of two girls, and the one-woman-show behind Little Rebel Rosie. My first Little Rebel Rosie product came about when my oldest daughter asked me to make her an Amelia Earhart doll, inspired by a book we had read about her. Soon after my first illustration of Amelia, I sketched Jane Goodall and Rosie the Riveter. Rosie was the inspiration for our business name and Logo. Since then I have illustrated over 40 women from history and today, authored and self-published 2 biographical coloring books, and have expanded our products into tote bags, wall banners, iron on patches, and tank tops.

When I’m not creating for Little Rebel Rosie, I can be found teaching preschool at our local Waldorf school, knitting, doing arts and crafts with my kids, as well as all of the other hard work that is parenting two girls. I would like to spend more time camping and hiking with my family outdoors, and traveling.


I am constantly on the go, which means I’m not exactly creating in one workspace. I do have an office in our cabin where I do most of the sewing, but I am often writing and illustrating on my laptop between teaching preschool chauffeuring my own children around town. I am usually lugging around boxes of stuffing, and plastic totes full of unfinished plushies in my car. Whenever I find a spare few minutes you’ll find me stuffing plushies, and stitching them up by hand, wherever I may be.

My favorite thing about being a handmade artist and participating in craft shows is the flexibility it gives me to pursue other interests and spend time with my family. Nothing beats being your own boss!

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