Being a mom and running a business can be a tough thing to do, but Karla makes it work! Learn more about her and her business, My Mommy Life of 3 below. We are so excited that she will be a part of the 2019 Holiday Utah Handmade Market!

Karla, tell us a bit about yourself!

Hey all, I’m Karla, the maker behind My Mommy Life of 3.

I love my family, music, sewing, chocolate, popcorn, reading, & sleeping.

I don’t like dishes, laundry, yardwork, or scary movies.

Where did your creative spark begin and can you trace your path to where you are today? What inspires your creativity?

I learned to sew the basics in Jr. High TLC class.

I learned to love sewing from my mom and sister.

I get inspired to create when I see a need to be filled.

I love to make practical items that are also pretty.

Who’s your biggest fan?

My biggest fan is my daughter. I love that I am an example to her. I hope that by doing what I love, it shows all my kids that they can also live their dreams.

What do you create, and what makes it so special?

I create reusables for every day. They are special because they are useful, eco-friendly, and well made.


What do you love most about what you create?

I love that I’m throwing away less. I love that by doing something simple, knowing I can make a tremendous difference over time.


How did you come up with your great idea?

My idea came to me as I started to notice what I was throwing out often.

I decided that there were things that I could do to change – simple things like taking my own bags, using makeup wipes and towels, and using washable items to pack lunches.

I started to get comments on a few and knew that I could help make a more significant impact by selling what I was using.


What do your customers love most about your products?

Customers always compliment my work.

I put my heart into what I make and have had years of trial and error experience to make things look good.

I have given my products a thorough quality check by letting my kids use them.

Where do you create?

I create all my items in my home at my kitchen table. I’m usually cooking something or have one of my kids near me while I sew.


What’s something you’ve learned through running a handmade business in the past 12 months?

Just start. And then keep going!


What is the best way for people to connect with you?

The best way to contact me is through Instagram or Facebook.


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