If you are looking for environmentally friendly soaps with many locally sourced ingredients, then look no further than Wild Water Soapery!  Are you wondering how that name came to be? Well, keep reading to find out about Kelly and her incredible business.

Kelly, please introduce yourself!

I am Kelly, and Wild Waters Soapery is my creation and obsession. I am supported in many ways by my two grown daughters, my husband, and a small army of friends and family. We all share a love of the outdoors and animals, and you will see these passions reflected in the work Wild Waters does. 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not creating?

When not creating, I spend time with my youngest granddaughter (who just started kindergarten), volunteering with animal rescues, and rafting down the wild waters of Utah and nearby states. Rafting these rivers is where we got the name for our business, we want to help keep the wild waters wild!

I spend a lot of time helping out at Best Friends neonate kitten nursery, as kittens need care all hours, and that suits my early bird schedule.  

What inspires your creativity?

I love the art and science of soapmaking.

Crafting a soap that gives our customers that great skin feel, and doing it consistently requires scientific thought and attention to detail. Creating a beautiful, great smelling bar is an excellent use of my creative passions since I am making something that is beautiful and useful!

It also gives our customers a way to be more gentle on the environment, and support local business.

Also, we always give a portion of our proceeds to animal rescues, so when you support us, you support animals, which is a great driver for me. 

What do you create, and what makes it so unique?

We make a creamy, luxurious bar of soap, using coconut, olive, rice bran, avocado and castor oils, shea and cocoa butter, aloe vera gel, and coconut milk.

I enjoy making each bar beautiful and unique, using a variety of plant infusions, herbs, and clays.

Sometimes I use a little mica colorant, but I prefer the challenge of coming up with beautiful bars with only natural colorants.

I only use essential oils to add scent– in part because I react badly to fragrances, and my soap studio is in the basement of our house.  Our goal is that your shower should look, feel, and smell wonderful! We also make a variety of products focused on helping our customers reduce the plastic in their lives; bar shampoos, lotion bars, solid dish soaps, scrubbies made from coffee bean bags, and even a toy or two.

This summer, we made and sold reusable water balloons, and for winter, we will be carrying indoor snowball fights!

What do your customers love most about your products?

I have only been in business a year, although I have been making soap for about ten years.

I am always amazed and gratified by the customers who come by and tell me how wonderful our soap feels on their skin, and much they enjoy our scent combinations.

It seems that pleasant scents are enough to get folks to stop by once, but they come back because they love the way they feel after they use our products!

What is the best way for people to connect with you?

Instagram and on our website.

You can find where we will be vending next on all three platforms, or you can order online or send us an email! Our contact info is found on all three platforms.

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