What happens when two sisters and a friend get together to figure out how to solve a problem with prints and frames?  Something awesome happens, that’s what!  And that is exactly how Joanie,  Jill, and Anne started Twig and Print.  Keep reading to learn more about how these three talented women started something awesome.

We are so lucky to have them as a part of Handmade!


Alright you three, tell us about yourselves:

Hi there! We are Twig and Print, a company owned and operated by three women seeking a creative outlet from their busy lives. We have 15 children between us, which already keeps us busy. We are two sisters and friend who decided to put our creative energy together to come up with a product we felt would benefit and be loved by everyone, in all seasons of life.

We are a lawyer, teacher and home renovator/photographer by profession. Working and creating with our hands has always been a part of our lives. We decided it was time to turn one of our many creative ideas into a business. We felt Twig and Print was the perfect option because it could be received and loved by anyone, at any stage of their lives.



What do you create?

We love our homes! They are very different, but we each spend time and effort to make them feel welcoming to those who enter. Thus, we decided to make completely customizable original prints designed for all seasons of life with handcrafted hardwood magnetic poster frames (our twigs) to be hung and enjoyed in any space.

We felt strongly about providing a finished product to the recipient….something that they could walk away with and instantly put on their walls without having to purchase or look for anything else to accompany it.  After a year of doing our original posters and hardwood frames, we decided to add our felt wool ball garland to finish the look.

We love the final product! It’s completely customizable to any space…and that brings us JOY!



How did you come up with your idea?

A few years ago, we were walking through a trade show. Everything was beautiful, but we didn’t see that exact finished piece we were looking for. We are passionate about words and decorating our homes with inspiring pieces and phrases that uplift. However, nothing we saw there was a finished piece of word-art that could be hung and enjoyed instantly.

Everything seemed to require a second or third purchase for display and hanging. This is where Twig and Print was born! One of us called the other and the idea to create a completely customizable art piece with the written word for the home was born!



Where do you create?

We create out of our little red barn workshop behind our farmhouse in the hills of Utah! When it’s sunny, we bring our work outdoors! It’s the perfect space to create in! There is open space, beautiful scenery and all the seasons to enjoy and create it.




What do you love about being a handmade artisan?

Working with our hands brings us back to the present moment. So much of life is hectic, virtual, or corporate. It is nice to have a space to bring you back to you and your creation. We all have a desire to create from start to finish inside of us. However, life doesn’t always give us the opportunity to do so. Twig and Print gives us the opportunity to take an idea from start to finish and allows us the opportunity to enjoy the creative process. We know all the details that have gone into it….and we get to develop and create each piece as we go. Its a beautifully satisfying process!

You can connect with Twig and Print on their website or through Instagram.

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