We are so excited to have Lyndi, of Love Lyndi Creations, talk to us and let us know of her journey on becoming a handmade artist. Keep reading to learn more about her and her wonderful creations, which, of course, will be at Handmade in April!


Lyndi, please introduce yourself!

My name is Lyndi, and I have been making one of a kind items since 2015. These items include botanical jewelry with Utah plants, flowers, snakeskin, and butterfly wings from abroad; along with doily dream catchers made from my grandmothers vintage doilies.

I really love all things outside, our mountains, our restock, and all those bluebird days we are so lucky to have here in Utah. With being the avid outdoor explorer that I am, I have to say I absolutely hate spiders and still freak out every time I see one.

I’ve been living in Park City, Utah, with my partner for the last few months and have loved the immediate exposure to hiking trails around me.



What do you enjoy doing when you are not creating?

I enjoy spending a large majority of my time outside, and I’ll take any chance I can get to do it. Along with thrift shopping being a huge hobby of mine, I love everything mid-century modern and the eras of the 60’s-late 70’s so I’m constantly on the lookout for the grooviest items out there.



What do you love most about what you create?

The thing that I love most about what I create is the uniqueness of it all. In the beginning, it first started as making unique stuff for myself and then friends and family pushing me to make one of a kind items for others that’s really where Love Lyndi Creations stemmed from.



What object in your workspace helps you the most creatively?

The object that continually inspires and helps me to get into that creative-genius frame of mind, the mood that is required for creativity, is my dad’s record player.

When I put on a favorite album, it’s as if nothing in the world can bother me allowing me to do my thing; I love that about the record player.



What did you overcome to get to where you are now?

I have overcome a number of things to get to where I am currently, but the main thing that really pushed me to be where I am today is being fired from my childhood job. Being terminated at work gave me the push to pursue my jewelry and dream catchers full-time.

In the past, I was lucky if I was able to create monthly, feeling trapped in a world in which I would never evolve.  However now, being free from the full-time job, the inspiration needed to create flows on a daily basis allowing me to create every day!



What have you have learned while running a handmade business?

If I’ve learned anything it is patience.  You need so much patience with yourself, your business, and especially your creativity.  Creativity will come and go and you can never predict when you’ll make money or how much you’ll make.

Success is all about being patient, never giving up, and truly believing in your business and creativity.

You can connect with Lyndi on Instagram.


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