Maker’s Wanted

If you create unique handmade wares then we want to talk to you.  We are seeking like-minded individuals who create unique and exciting things and want to find a market to showcase their work.  Let us be that for you.

SPRING SHOW – MAY 1 & 2, 2002

the do’s

Below is the type of maker we are looking for to be in Handmade:

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind handmade goods.
  • Original, creative, interesting work.
  • Wares that demonstrate craftsmanship and hard work.
  • Vintage pieces.

the dont’s

We only want Handmade goods, so if you sell anything listed below, we will not accept you into Handmade.

  • Resellers: if you are selling someone else’s goods, we are not the show for you.
  • MLM’s: there are ton out there, and they are great, I’m sure, but that’s not our vibe.

Be aware, we do limit the number of vendors in each category to keep the selection varied. 

sound like you?

If you feel like you would be a perfect fit to become one of our artisans, let’s do this!

Before applying, please read the not-so-fine print below so that you are entirely aware of how things will run at Handmade.

Ready to Apply?

the not so fine print.

Please make sure to read and understand the information below.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  Problems arise when there is a lack of communication, something we never want to have happen.

You got questions?  We got answers.

booth fee & requirements

Your booth and its general appearance will present the overall feel of our show. Therefore, we require a few things to make sure you look your very best:

  • Floor length table cloth to cover the legs of any plastic table you use.
  • Proper signage, so guests know who you are and what you are selling.
  • A well kept and cleaned booth.

$40 – 3×4 – for those that have smaller booths
$60 – 3×6  – the size of a full-length folding table (most popular)
$80 – 3×8  – a full-length folding table and a small side display
$120 – 3×12 – the size of two 3×6 tables or for those with larger products.

You are responsible for how your space looks at all times.  Please plan to restock and straighten regularly.

You are welcome to request a specific spot, and we will try to accommodate you but guarantee’s cannot be made.



    Because we are all in this together, please plan to share information about the market on your social media pages and invite your followers to attend. Two posts are required, but more is always welcome!


      set-up & takedown


      Setup will happen the day before the show from 5pm-9pm, and you may arrive at any time during that timeframe.

      Once you arrive, track us down to find out exactly where you spot is located.  If there are any problems, talk to us, and we can work through them with you.

      You MAY NOT set up on the day of the show.  Please allow us to focus on guests and the finishing touches, not helping artists get settled.


      Takedown will begin at 9 pm on Saturday, and will conclude by 10 pm.  Please plan to be there promptly at 9 pm so we can expedite everyone’s exit quickly and efficiently.

      All the items brought with you need to be removed; please make sure of this.  This includes nails, tape, screws, and especially glitter.

      If you brought glitter, first off, what were you thinking??!?!  And second, you’d better bring a strong vacuum to get it all out.

      Vendors that leave waste behind will be assessed a $25 fine.

      checkout & pricing

      We will have a central checkout that the guests of Handmade will make all purchases.  For this reason, it is absolutely imperative that you securely label all of your goods with your vendor ID number and the proper price.

      Each vendor, once selected to participate in Handmade, will be assigned a unique vendor ID number.  If there is a specific ID number you would like to use, for example, an ID you use at other markets, let us know on your application, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

      Pricing labels need to be legible and secure.  Regrettably, if your tags fall off or are illegible, we can not be held responsible.  We will do our best to charge the correct amount and credit the right vendor, but our best may not be 100% accurate.  So please, please, please, make sure to securely tag and legibly price your products.

      product & stocking

      The product you sell MUST align with the type of product you demonstrated when we invited you to the Handmade.  For example, if you were approved to sell fine art, please do not bring jewelry to sell as well.  We reserve the right to restrict any additional items you may bring to market.  If you have questions, speak with us directly.

      Please plan to monitor your booth daily and replenish product as needed.  If you have merchandise that is flying off the shelves, plan to restock multiple times during the day.  You may store extra inventory under your display table (remember, full-length tablecloths are required and will hide your backstock.)  Unfortunately, we will not have space to store additional product for you.

      We will do our best to help keep your booth tidy, but the appearance of your booth remains your responsibility.

      taxes, fee’s, & payments

      Vendors must complete a W-9 IRS form.  This form allows us to report what payments you received from us.  You will be subject to IRS penalties if one is not filled out correctly and returned to us.

      We collect and pay all sales tax associated with the show, giving you one less thing to worry about.

      To cover costs, Handmade will charge a 20% commission on all goods sold.  We will deduct this amount from your earnings and send you a check for the remainder.

      All vendors will receive a check by mail of their net earnings within two weeks of market close.  You will also recieve a statement showing gross sales, number of sales, a deduction for taxes and the 20% commission, along with net sales totals.

      shoplifters & liability

      Be aware that we will do everything we can to watch for and deter theft; however, it is a natural cost of doing business.

      We can not be held responsible for lost, stolen, misplaced or broken items at the market.

      cancellations & no-shows

      We work very hard to determine the best layout and placement of the artisans at the market and therefore if you no-show, you put us in the challenging situation of needing to rearrange.  Please don’t apply if you are not absolutely sure you can make it to the market.

      Cancellation or a no-show will result in the forfiture of the booth fee and most likely in you not being invited back to Handmade in the future.

      makers unite!

      Life as a handmade artisan can be a lonely world at times, and we want to change that. We want to create a vibrant community of creative individuals where we can all learn and grow together. Signup to join with us on this beautiful journey of artistic discovery and self-satisfaction. Couple that with a nice income and we will have it made!

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