Did you know that handmade soaps are better for your skin?  Well they are, and the reason is that handmade soaps retain glycerin better, the natural moisturizing agent that reduces harshness and the drying.

Handmade soap is chock-full of skin loving essentials and should become part of your daily skincare routine.

One of the vendors we will have at Handmade in April is Tami Thornton, of Beehive Soap & Body Care.  She was gracious enough to answer a few questions and let us behind the curtain to share some insights into her life and business.


Tami, please tell us about yourself.

My name is Tami Thornton. I am married — have three grown children – one Daughter and two Sons, two Daughters-in-Law, and one Grandson (age 6). I have always enjoyed crafting… dabbling in macrame, crochet, embroidery, even toll painting. When soap making piqued my interest, it started out as a hobby… and eventually lead me to my first farmers market… and now we are a thriving business employing extra hands as needed!


What do you enjoy doing when you are not creating?

I love spending time with family… especially our regular get-aways up to Bear Lake! I am also dabbling in sourdough artisan bread… but have much to learn!

I love listening to audiobooks and podcasts while producing product and/or driving.



What inspires your creativity?

Women often have a list of chores to do today… that you also repeat tomorrow… and the next day. These chores of cleaning, cooking, laundry — are truly a blessing to our homes/families… don’t get me wrong!! However – creating something of lasting value is good for my soul… and I believe other women also find avenues to create that feeds their souls as well!


What does a typical working day look like?

My work days vary. Some days i am creating products. Other days I am filling orders, making deliveries, balancing the books, reaching out to existing and/or potential new customers, and posting on social media.


Is this a full-time business for you?



What do you create and what makes it so special?

Beehive Soap and Body Care focuses on handcrafted cold-process soap… “Soap so nice you’ll want to lather up twice”! We really believe that is true! By focusing on oils and butters that gently cleanse and provide good hardness and lather, and carefully chosen fragrance choices (fine-tuned by our customers over the last 10 years) — we have a lovely product that makes a great gift for yourself and/or others!

We carry a lovely array of moisturizers — which includes our Whipped Body Butter (fabulous for massage), our Goat Milk Body Cream, and our top-selling Solid Lotion Bar (wonderful for hands/cuticles, elbows, heels, etc). Sugar scrubs, Bath salts, All-Natural Deodorants that really work, Lip Balm, Mens Shaving Cream Soap, Gift Sets, Bath Fizzies… and … coming soon: Shower Steamers!

What materials do you use?

Our soaps are rich in Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Shea Butter, castor oil — and fragranced with Essential Oil and/or Skin-Safe Fragrance Oils.


How are your products created?

Cold Process Soaps are created with carefully measured oils and butters and a lye mixture – poured into a mold — cut in a few days — and cure for 4+ weeks to harden! The lye and the oils saponify — which means that there is a chemical change — and the oils/lye are changed into a salt we call SOAP and a byproduct of GLYCERIN (a humectant). (So – there is no lye left in the finished soap)

We also sell a few melt & pour soaps (like our Snowflake Soaps) — which can be poured — and unmolded and used the same day!

How long have you been in business?

After playing with soap making for about three years as a hobby — we started our business in 2009 — so nearly ten years.


Where do you create? 

We recently moved into a new studio… which has room for us to spread out… and grow! Love it!


What do you love most about being a handmade artisan?

The illusion of control over my time is what I love most! I work very hard… however, I don’t have to ask permission for a day off… or if I can come in and work early — and be off by noon.

Other things I love:

I also teach soap making classes — and it is fun to share my passion for soap making with others!

I have utilized the talents of my daughter to create our logo – packaging and website. She is a great asset — and it is a bonus to be able to work with her!



What is the best way for people to connect with you?

Sometimes I’m up to my elbows in a batch of soap… email works best! tami@beehivesoap.com


How did you choose the name for your business?

Utah is the “Beehive State”… so when I started my business… I checked to see if the URL www.beehivesoap.com was available. It was… so we snatched it up!


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