If you’re like me, finding a way to serioulsy relax is an absolute must. With all that we have going on in life these days, it can get harder and harder to take time to take care of ourselves.

Meet Allison.

She has taken bath time to a whole new level of relaxation and pampering. Keep reading to learn more about how she got interested in bath bombs and how she creates.


Allison, introduce yourself!

The nuts and bolts are that I am a wife, mother of 4, and a Registered Nurse of 18 years. Most of what I enjoy is pretty cliché. I enjoy spending time with my family and good friends.

I love yummy food, music, concerts, and listening to audiobooks. I love the mountains and the ocean and finding beauty in quiet moments.



What do I create and what makes it so special?

Since there are so many bath bombs out there on the market now, I actually get asked this question fairly often.

My answer is passion.

This business adventure was never intended to be a business.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am an RN. I had a career and wasn’t looking for anything new.

It started out completely as a personal interest of mine 6 years ago after I had used a bath bomb that my husband had purchased for me. I was always someone who loved to relax in the tub, but after using a bath bomb, it was a game changer for me. From that point on, a regular bath just wouldn’t do.

My dilemma came when my budget and my pampering didn’t align. I needed to figure out how to spoil myself and not break the bank at the same time. I searched online to find a recipe and after many failed attempts and not having the “feel” that I wanted after I got out of the tub, I started what turned out to be my year-long quest to develop my own recipe.

I spent countless nights researching the benefits of different skin loving oils. I wanted to learn the benefits and downfalls to each and every ingredient that I saw being used in various recipes. From that point on, a LOT of trial and error began.

During this time, I should probably mention that I was really struggling in my personal life. What started out as a fun little hobby, quickly turned out to be very therapeutic. It is not an understatement to say that bath bombs consumed my thoughts!

It gave me something to think of other than my problems. It inspired me. It gave me direction. It gave me something positive to look forward to. It brought me happiness and pride when I knew I was getting close to my “perfect” recipe.

I was constantly tweaking my recipe which meant I was taking a lot of relaxing baths to determine if the latest tweak was a good or bad one. I had LOTS of failed batches. LOTS of baths bombs that simply were just NOT good.

BUT, through trial and error, passion, and a little bit of an obsession, LOTS of input from family and friends ( I was making too many to use myself and wanted other people’s opinions and honest feedback), I FINALLY came upon what I consider to be perfection.

The final result has five different skin loving oils (including Vitamin E) which leave you moisturized without feeling greasy or slimy. They also all contain Epsom Salts for added muscle relaxation. We use natural ingredients and don’t use any harsh chemicals. All of our bath bombs are Phthalate free, Paraben free, and Sulfate free.



What do your customers love most about your product?

The feedback that we receive most often from our customers is how great our bath bombs smell compared to other brands.

How SOFT our bath bombs make their skin feel. How much their kids (and a lot of adults) LOVE getting little prizes from the Kid Bombs, and how they appreciate that they are so gentle on sensitive skin (they can use ours where other brands cause them problems).

We also get comments on how reasonably priced our products are. Our business model is one where we sell more in volume and keep our pricing low. We don’t have to pay lots of employees or store overhead which allows us to sell a quality product at a lower cost than you would find in retail stores.

It is important to me to not create the same problem that I myself was trying to avoid when I started down this road.

I want everybody to be able to afford a little way to pamper themselves.

The bottom line is that we LOVE earning loyal customers and LOVE when they can feel the difference in the quality and come back year after year!



Where do you create?

I have a workspace in my basement that has a full kitchen which is where I make everything (yes, I make EVERY single bath bomb myself, by hand).

This is also where everything is packaged. One day I would love to have space outside of my home to work in since after a days work, everything in sight has a thin layer of bath bomb powder on it.




How did you choose the name for your business?

The process of developing my own, unique recipe combined with taking LOTS of baths where I could be alone with my thoughts and dreams was only the first part of my bath bomb journey.

Since this process did start during a time period when I was struggling and feeling very vulnerable, I remember being so flattered and yet so nervous when I started hearing people tell me how much they too enjoyed my bath bombs and that they thought I should sell them.

I was SO afraid of failure and wasn’t sure I could handle the rejection or negative comments that can come with putting your original product (aka your heart and soul) up for scrutiny and critique by the public. Once I decided to take the risk and signed up for my first market, I quickly found that this was just what I was needing.

I LOVED meeting new people! I LOVED bringing joy to their faces. I loved talking about what I was passionate about and seeing their faces light up once they found their favorite scent. I ate up the positive feedback I’d hear from complete strangers after they bought “just one” the time before and have now come back to “stock up”.

I loved connecting and chatting with repeat customers who quickly became friends. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was my “happy place” and that I could be a small part in creating that “happy place” for someone else too. I can’t explain how healing it was for me to feel like I could put something positive out in the world that others would see and appreciate.

It has never been about money or building a bath bomb empire. I love connecting with people. I love creating something that brings joy to people. I love the feeling of both helping others and taking care of them (this is also why I became a nurse).

It’s crazy to think that a simple bath bomb embodies, passion, joy, hope, peace, hard work, determination, and healing. It only made sense to me THE HAPPY BATH was born.




What do you love most about craft show vending?

The people.

Hands down, the people.

I work the majority of every event as much as I possibly can just for this reason alone. The friendships and personal connections made with repeat customers are what makes it all worth it.

Making friends with, and supporting other vendors and business owners brings me connection and joy. Seeing a child with a handful of change hoping that it’s enough to get their favorite bath bomb (yes, it’s always enough) melts my heart every, single, time.

Talking to the overworked and tired woman who uses a bath bomb once a week to recharge and pamper herself brings a smile to my face. Hearing stories of family traditions that our bath bombs are now a part of like filling Easter baskets or Christmas Stockings, or that they are given with new jammies every Christmas Eve is a privilege.

Being told that our bath bombs will be part of happy moments to celebrate birthdays, holidays, weddings or new baby is contrasted with being told that our bath bombs will be taken to someone who is sick, a friend going through a major loss or trial, or to simply buoy up someone who might just be feeling the weight of the world.

In the end, where they go doesn’t really matter. It’s all about love, connection, and finding happiness in this everyday world that we are all trying to get through the best way we can. It’s truly an honor and a privilege when people are willing to let you into their lives, even in such a simple and small way.

You can connect with The Happy Bath on Instagram or Facebook.


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